Pepicast #45, Artisan Josh and the tiny house movement

A picture of Josh's little red and his swat team van

« The tiny house community is welcoming to the point of awesome! »

Artisan Josh 

Artisan Josh is a Certified Master Tradesman, Contractor, Artisan, And Muralist With 21 Years Of In-Trade And On-Site Experience In The Design, Construction, And Fabrication Fields
On this episode, we talk about:
  1. The tiny house movement
  2. How Josh was able to free himself
  3. His art, building and drawing
Here is a quick overview of the podcast with the links:
+Instagram: @artisan_josh

+The video we reference to: After Incarceration, a Changed Man Finds Freedom in His Off Grid Tiny House

+Descend on Bend
+Tiny Fest Northwest

+Government Auctions

+31mn40: Change without a support system. Starting over again and again
+36mn: When everything is against you, the only thing you can do is look up and look forward
+38mn42: A sculpture made when he was 9 years old
+41mn: His art
+54mn: The tiny house community
+1h02mn53s: I consider myself a potential in everything
+1h06mn45s: It took me thirteen years to write that poem

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