Pepicast #46, Reinvention with John Mashni

John Mashni and reinvention

« If you are not writing something down, you are not actually thinking. Period. »

John Mashni

John Mashni only writes about what he’s done: no theory. He’s a writer, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Movie Producer, and more

His medium article: If you don’t eliminate this habit, you will never grow, has gathered 59’000 claps on medium!

In this episode we talk about:

  1. Writing
  2. Reinvention
  3. Consistency

Episode chapters:

His website if you want his ebook

His twitter: @JohnMashni

  • 1mn45: How do you find the time to do all that?
  • 4mn25: Gary Keller – The one thing
  • 5mn: writing habit
  • 8mn40: structure vs discipline
  • 10mn45: How to start your day
  • 13mn30: James Altucher parallel with the Jerry Seinfelds method
  • 20mn20: His most popular article. Don’t celebrate too early
  • 34mn30: Reinvention
  • 40mn30: The 3 types of reinvention
  • 46mn: Creating margins


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