Pepicast #50 Make your life a game with Luke Mac

Pepicast #50 Make your life a game with Luke Mac

Pepicast 50 with Luke Mac

« To play is human. Finishing a thing and getting satisfaction from that is deeply a part of human nature »

Luke Mac

  • 3mn10 make a schedule you want to follow, Jordan Peterson
  • 5mn: be nice to yourself when you fail
  • 7mn: just monkeys with really good wifi
  • 8mn: the shit kit
  • 15mn: personalize, design your solution, your system
  • 18mn: rest & deliberate rest, reference to a previous episod e with Alex Pang, the author of Rest
  • 21mn: Youtube is dangerous because most videos are bite size. His self contract for Netflix & video games
  • 25mn: to play is human
  • 27mn: the anti to do list
  • 29mn: Jessica Hische and « procrastiworking ». Don’t overcomplicate things. Macro and micro procrastination. Ask yourself THE question
  • 32mn: Nassim Nicolas Taleb & books (James Clear, Josh Waitzkin, Chase jarvis)
  • 37mn: it’s more about energy than time. And if you make time to procrastiwork on some fun thing you get more energy
    for the rest as well
  • 39mn: Mel Robbins
  • 42mn: How to get the fun back when you’ve been stuck at the same level for some time.
  • 45mn: Run out of progression systems
  • 47mn: GTD reference
  • 50mn: office job example
  • 52mn: turning pro, Steven Pressfield
  • 54mn: The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell

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